SoccerStuff Terms & Conditions

This order is an offer to buy and shall become a binding legal contract only upon acceptance of SoccerStuff at Topeka, Kansas.

I.C.C. regulations require that claims of visible damage or shortage must be made to the driver at time of delivery. Concealed damage must be reported to the Carrier within 15 days at delivery to validate claim.

Any claim against the Seller shall be deemed waived by the Buyer unless written notice is received by SoccerStuff at Topeka, Kansas within 10 days from the date of shipment.

An overrun/underrun of not more than 10% on any made-to-order item of the quantity specified herein shall be considered a fulfillment of this order. Regular stock items shall have an allowance overrun or underrun of 5%. The price on account of such overrun/underrun shall be adjusted in proportion to the unit price stated herein.

If this order is accepted by SoccerStuff, it shall be not liable for delays or defaults in shipment or delivery if occasioned by war, strike, fire, or of a public enemy, the act of the federal, state or local government (whether legally authorized or not), embargo, available materials, labor or transportation difficulties, riot, civil commotion or other causes beyond the control of SoccerStuff.

Buyer agrees to pay SoccerStuff in addition to the price quoted herein an amount equal to the amount which SoccerStuff is required to pay on account of any federal, state, municipal or local excise, impost, payroll, use, sales, retailers occupational or similar tax, license, or charge which may be established, levied or asserted upon the material that may be sold hereunder or any part thereof, or upon manufacture, use, sale or delivery thereof, or upon the material entering into the manufacture thereof, insofar as the same may be applicable to the material sold hereunder as a result of this offer or to the manufacture, use, sale or delivery thereof.

Delivery of title and possession of material that may be furnished to buyer hereunder or as a result of this offer shall occur at Topeka, Kansas, at the time delivery is made to a common carrier, including the United States Postal Service, and such carrier shall be the agent of buyer regardless of who pays the transportation charges. The responsibility of SoccerStuff for the safety, condition and transit of material that may be furnished hereunder or as a result of this offer shall cease upon receipt of such material by such carrier. Shipment F.O.B. any point other than Topeka, Kansas, shall be deemed to be shipped F.O.B. Topeka, Kansas, with transportation charges prepaid to or from such other point for the convenience of buyer and at the direction of and as agent for buyer. In the absence of definite shipping instructions, SoccerStuff may in its sole discretion ship by freight, express or parcel post.

Any contract resulting from acceptance of this offer cannot be cancelled by buyer.

Buyer certifies that this order is correctly written and that there are no conditions relating to this order which are not written hereon. No agent handling SoccerStuff line has any authority to bind SoccerStuff, in any way. No verbal agreements or statements of any kind shall be binding upon SoccerStuff.

Only payments made directly to SoccerStuff at Topeka, Kansas will be recognized as payments of this order.

A 1 ½% per month (18% ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE) of any unpaid balance of a Customer’s Invoice or Account will be added as a Service Charge when the account becomes delinquent and is not paid within 21 days from the due date on the Customer’s Invoice. (This is for established credit accounts only). To establish a credit account, submit total financial information, D & B Info and allow 4 to 6 weeks for credit check. First 3 orders with ALL customers are to be paid in advance. All orders obtained from internet marketing are to be paid in advance by check, cashiers check, money order, or credit card.

A 25% collection charge will be added to any unpaid balance placed with collection attorneys.

If, because of changes in state law or otherwise, any rate set forth above should at any time exceed the maximum rate permitted to any valid applicable statue, ordinance or regulation, it is understood and agreed that the right of SoccerStuff to collect a Service Charge for late payment shall be limited to the rate permitted by any such statute, ordinance or regulation.

If buyer’s form of purchase order accompanies this order, all terms and conditions of such purchase order inconsistent with this order and our terms and conditions are null and void.

The arrangement of advertising matter and size and style of type is left to the discretion of SoccerStuff unless otherwise instructed on this order.

No pre-production or paper proof will be submitted except upon request and only on payment of charges thereof.

SoccerStuff maintains it’s own graphic arts department who will always strive to design copy for optimum impact. Simple copy will be drafted at no charge. Your logo/copy can be mailed to SoccerStuff at address given or sent electronically. If sent by mail, art must be submitted in a quality suitable for reproduction. If sent on diskette, please use high resolution option at save. Color separate where appropriate. If the quality of copy is deemed unsuitable for reproduction, art charges will be incurred, after customer contact and approval of such charges. Art charges beyond simple text placement will be imposed at $42.00 per hour, with a 1 hour minimum charge. Customer will be contacted and made aware of any art charges prior to SoccerStuff working on art or forwarding art to printing department/order production or fulfillment. Back To Order Form Copyright 1997 SoccerStuff